what it is all about

well, i actually acquired this domain name to get that nice e mail address pfigger@pfigger.com (or even me@pfigger.com or whatever...) but i thought that only getting one or two fucking e mail addresses for a lotta bucks would be quite stupid (and that's what it is in fact!). so i made up for a quite nice site-design.
some time passed by and i didn't change a lot. but finally, during the last few weeks, i thought that it would possibly be time to do some re-designing.
and now that I got a domain, a design and even a re-design? hm, this site still lacks of content...
but sometimes in the future, i plan to offer low cost but high quality web design and hosting with some nice and quite special features to everyone (that's actually what i'm already doing for some other freaks). so, stay tuned!

for the moments i can only advise you to play around with the different pages of the sidebar to the right and see what else me and some others have done. or, if you're fed up with all those link-pages, just press the "contact"-link to send me an e mail straight away from that web-site.

that's it, keep on rockin'

see also: what's in that name?